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Our Story

'Protect What You Love' was founded in 2017 by three ocean photographers. Hailing from different coasts in Australia our paths crossed through our love for the ocean. 

Through our photography we aim to show the raw beauty of a world both admired and misunderstood by many people around the world. Using our ocean experiences, we have drawn inspiration from our encounters with different marine life and interpreted it into the design of our clothing.

Protect What you Love blends simplistic hand drawn designs of iconic marine animals, with a profound message that resonates with all who share a love with the ocean, and ultimately want to help protect it.


      Tiger Sharks of the Ningaloo

Tiger sharks are the top resident predators of the Ningaloo Reef. As with most shark species, Tigers sharks play an important role in maintaining the overall health of the entire Ningaloo Reef marine ecosystem. It is vital that we gain a better understanding of these incredible creatures in order to protect their species and the wider Ningaloo Reef Marine Park.