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Manta Ray

Our new design celebrates the majesty of the Manta Ray. An intelligent and giant beauty. Mantas are an iconic filter feeder that can be found in open oceans and reefs in many parts of our planet.

Mantas have provided us, and many of you, with breathtaking experiences in their world, allowing us to witness their gliding, rolling movements in all of their glory. Mantas deserve our respect, admiration, and most importantly, the space and safety to continue to live naturally in the wild. This campaign celebrates Manta Rays and spreads awareness for their importance in ocean ecosystems. We'll showcase the work being done to study and understand Mantas, and share how we all can get involved to better protect them. It is the least we can do for this peaceful giant.

The design itself features Freckles; a female Manta and the 53rd to be ID'd on the Ningaloo. Freckles has distinctive and striking freckle like markings on her underside which makes her a recognisable visitor to the area and one who has created many incredible experiences for residents and visitors to the Ningaloo - including members of the Protect What You Love team. So, thank you, Freckles.

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