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Putting Our Heads Above Water

Putting Our Heads Above Water

As this business grows, Tom and I are placing our bets, making sacrifices and ultimately pushing the chips all in by dedicating our lives to protecting wildlife. As we do this, we’re expanding our focus and looking to the shore.


We’re a company known for working to protect marine species like the Tiger Shark and Manta Ray. It’s why we started this company; to raise awareness for the plight of Tiger sharks and change people's perspectives on these magic animals. We’ve helped drive a movement, and create a subculture of people who love sharks and who feel at home in the water. We’re proud of who we are and what we’ve done over the past few years (and what we plan to do still). But we’re also acutely aware of how much more we could be doing, and how much work is needed to save the wildlife on this planet. 

Our planet is diverse and, in places, abundant with life. When it comes to the ocean we’ve helped put a spotlight on animals and issues that range across ocean habitats, but there’s an entire world that we’ve yet to turn our attention to. A world that’s rich and vibrant with life; covering 30% of the world’s surface but home to 80% of known species - land. So, like the animals before us, we’re evolving. We’re developing legs and lungs and heading to dry land.

As people, we’re ultimately driven to protect what we love. Tom and I have our true loves; Tom’s is the ocean and mine is the land. We’re kind of specialised in our knowledge and experience of our respective areas too, and that works well for us. Tom is the aquatic mammal (a dugong) and I’m the terrestrial and arboreal mammal (a gibbon). As a team, we love the ocean and we love the land.

Life on land is spread across a range of habitats like rainforests, grasslands, wetlands, rivers and mountains. All of which are home to stunning animals and ecosystems that each need better protecting and, in most cases, restoring. Just as with oceans, that’s exactly what we aim to do.

As Tom and I drive this company forward, we do so with the drive to protect everything on this planet. We both want to experience and protect more and more of the habitats in the ocean and on land. These are places we want you all to experience and see for yourselves and inspire you to fight hard to protect them too. So, from this point onwards you’ll be seeing us explore and focus on all of the wildlife and ecosystems that we can. We have a lot to figure out and learn, and we still have plenty of goals for protecting the ocean and its inhabitants.

In the process, as we both explore each other’s respective domains, Tom will have to slip his webbed feet into some boots and I will essentially need to learn how to swim (step 1 of many).


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